China Light Utrecht

Botanische Tuinen

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Two years after the success in Rotterdam the China Light festival is back again in the Netherlands. This time it's in the Botanical Gardens at the Uithof where from November 21 2014 untill January 4, 2015 the dozens of light sculptures can be admired. Matching Asian snacks and drinks and performances make a visit complete.

Discover a tradition that China has celebrated for centuries.

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90.000 visitors

China Light Utrecht closed the doors at the 4th of January. For weeks, many visitors were waiting in front of the gates to enter this Chinese lightshow in the Botanic Gardens. Overall, most visitors came January 2, 2015, almost 7000 people.The event  pulled over 90.000 visitors between November 21 2014 until January 4, 2015. Saturdays and during the Christmas holidays it was most crowded.

China Light Utrecht

This year China Light Utrecht, will bring warmth and sparkle to the dark months of winter. The Chinese tradition of light festivals is coming to the Botanic Gardens in Utrecht. 18 Chinese artists have built a fairy-tale paradise. Wandering among more than 25 enchanting light objects of fantastical characters, flowers and animals, you'll almost feel you're in the magical world of China. 

Preview China Light Utrecht

Curious after seeing all the photos on the website of China Light? The trailer below gives you a taste of what you can expect in the Botanic Gardens. See you soon at China Light Utrecht!