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For centuries, lanterns and lampions have been lit on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar to pray for a good harvest. With a China Light Festival, Chinese artists will transform any location into a fairytale paradise with illuminated, moving, figures. Dazzling laser shows, Chinese performances and Chinese culinary delights will immerse you into the world of magical, modern-day China. What better place to brighten up the dark winter months.

There are all kinds of different stories about how the light festivals first began. For centuries, lanterns and lampions have been lit on the fifteenth day of the first month in the Chinese calendar to pray for a good harvest, and gain the favour of Taiyi, god of heaven. According to a different legend, there was once a god who wanted to punish the human race by setting the fire to the earth. An old, wise man hit upon an ingenious solution: he got people light torches, lanterns and fireworks to fool the god into thinking the world was already burning, and leave mankind in peace.

Discover a tradition that China has celebrated for centuries.


The China Light Festival is on display at the Botanical Gardens at the Uithof in Utrecht Science Park. The historic gardens are a unique location, and have hosted an increasing number of (inter)national events in recent years, including deBeschaving,  also known as Festival Universalis (a unique blend of live music, science and culture) and Circus Bianco. And this year’s a very special year - the Botanical Gardens are celebrating their 375th anniversary.

As partner of China Light, Utrecht University has generously agreed to host this extraordinary festival in the Botanical Gardens. Inspired by connecting science and culture, Utrecht University organises a wealth of cultural and academic activities for its active academic community. Utrecht is an innovative city that encourages the seamless integration of arts and know-how. By partnering with China Light, Utrecht University is just one of the city’s many institutions that help to make Utrecht a hub of culture and knowledge.


China Light Festival B.V. brings the Chinese tradition of light festivals to the Netherlands. With the development of new technology, China Light Festival B.V. can have more styles and meet more requirements, so it brings a visible feast of shape, color, light, sound and movement. Visitors will almost feel they’re in the magical world of China. 

China Light Festival B.V.
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Mr. Zhu

Chinese office: 
Tracy Wang

Production - Festipro B.V.

Marketing, communications & press - BRAND communicatie

Design - Mischa Mannot

Website - Vincent Bovelander

Photography - Fred Ernst

Cultural project coordinator - Xpress China